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for All Learners

Increase learner engagement and course completion rates through tailored learning experiences

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Looking for Tailor-ED for Teachers?

Tailor-ED for Teachers

Provide Engaging Learning Experiences at Scale

Drive Retention

Engage and retain your learners through personalized content and fun assessments proven to boost learner completion rates and retention.

Real-Time Insights

Get actionable insights about your learners across all levels in your organization to increase learning outcomes.

Seamless Integration

Work with our tech experts to implement a seamless solution to deliver your content in a more engaging and personalized manner.

The Intersection Between AI and Learning Science

Tailor-ED core technology, developed by a team of Stanford graduates, intelligently combines learning science research with innovative AI algorithms to make each learning experience as engaging and effective as possible.

We Work Hard to Make Learner Engagement Easy
for You

Choose your solution

Complete flexibility based on your company’s needs.

Faster time to market

Easy and seamless integration customized to your needs. Reduce time to market to a matter of weeks.

Reduce costs and save time

Cut deadlines in half and reduce development costs.

Engaging Learners Across Organizations

K-12 Schools and Districts, Higher and Further Education

Leverage assessment and instruction capabilities to get the actionable data you need to improve student engagement and learning outcomes no matter where they are in their educational journey.

Education Publishers and Content Providers

Maximize the potential of your educational content by transforming it into a fully personalized, data driven and effective experience.

Learning Platforms

Experience the power of our off-the-shelf services and powerful personalization tools that help you deliver, analyze and improve the digital education experience.

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