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Redefining Learning
in the Flow of Work

Meet Tailor, a cutting edge AI-based learning bot calibrated to provide personalized learning experiences and recommend the best resources for you and your team.

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Looking for Tailor-ED for Teachers?

Tailor-ED for Teachers

Is Your Organization Future-Ready?


Increase Engagement and Reach

Seamlessly integrate interactive and Personalized learning into daily workflows, fostering a culture of continuous growth that's adaptable and engaging.

Maintain and Retain Top Talent

Employees become the architects of their own growth through personalized, highly-granular skill based development plans to promote a top performing culture

Smarter Upskilling and Reskilling

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with innovative blended upskilling solutions, delivered within the workflow and designed to maximize your organization's talent.

We Work Hard to Make Learner Engagement Easy
for You

Choose your solution

Complete flexibility based on your company’s needs.

Faster time to market

Easy and seamless integration customized to your needs. Reduce time to market to a matter of weeks.

Reduce costs and save time

Cut deadlines in half and reduce development costs.

Accelerate Learning to Boost Productivity


Learning in the Flow of Work

Deliver learning directly to employees on platforms like Slack, Teams, WhatsApp, or other communication tools. Our platform integrates learning seamlessly into the workflow, increasing employee engagement.

Skill Gap Analysis Made Easy

Assess your organization's performance and identify skill and productivity gaps at all levels using our automated, technology-enabled assessment solutions.

Seamless Content Integration

No more bottlenecks when it comes to professional content: Our integration with varied content providers aligns accordingly to your employees skill needs with zero delivery friction.

Professional Development Paths

Your workforce is eager for skill-enhancing programs. Elevate their capabilities through our cutting-edge professional development solutions.

Unlock Your Team's Potential

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