Intro to Decimals

 Planning your remote Intro to Decimals Lesson

Debating how to introduce decimals to your 4th graders? Whether you’re in class or teaching remotely, it’s not easy to decide how to support your students as they make the transition from fractions, place value and number lines to the complex world of decimals.

Should you do a synchronous lesson or videotape yourself?

Which resources make sense for practicing Intro to Decimals from home? 

Planning your remote Introduction to Decimals for your fourth or fifth grade class can feel overwhelming. 


Interestingly enough, your lesson structure doesn’t necessarily need  to change when moving to an online environment. The actual change comes into play within the lesson structure itself - by changing how you deliver each component using different tools to accommodate for your new teaching environment.

Hold on a second...

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Without further ado, let's start mapping out the lesson plan.

Lesson Objectives

Students will understand the value of decimals through working with the number line and practicing greater than and less than.

Your lesson objectives should likely stay the same

Lesson Plan

Introducing Decimals

Figuring out how to introduce Decimals as a new topic can feel daunting. Depending on your learning environment, you can choose between a synchronous or asynchronous lesson.

Synchronous Real-Time Learning

Synchronous - Real-Time Learning

  • Choose a virtual platform such as Zoom, Google Meet or MS Teams.

  • Choose supporting presentations  tools such as an online whiteboard.

  • Choose supporting engagement tools such as: Flipgrid

Asynchronous - At Your Own Time

Checkout this great Khan Academy video as a way to introduce Decimals to your students:

Decimals Introduction Video

Decimal Skill Practice

So now that your students have learned or reviewed skills - it's time to practice. There are plenty of options for assigning printed practice, online practice or both. Here are some great practice examples:

Decimals On A Numberline



Knowing where your students are is key. Having regular exit tickets throughout the week is vital for both you and your students to track their progress and ensure you are adapting your instruction accordingly. 


Questions include both multiple choice and open ended questions for just-in-time understanding.


Give space for students to write about their feelings and thoughts, in short answer, blog or journal.

Same structure - different tools!

We suggest assigning a blend of both online and offline practice to harness various skills. 

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Tips to keep you sane

  • Remote learning has a slower pace then in-class instruction - remember that students usually only complete about half the amount of work they do in cl

  • Lean on your peeps! Collaborate with colleagues and peers when lesson planning. There’s no need to figure this out on your own.

  • Take all the help you can get.  Use all the free online tools and resources you can find - they can make a big difference.

  • Give students social time before or after lessons in the morning - we all need to connect!

  • Take a moment to realize what a great job you’re doing!

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