Help your Math Team engage every student -
no matter where they are

Eliminate learning loss and help your Math team thrive with our FREE 8-week Differentiation from Remote program


Is your Math Team prepared for teaching and engaging students from both remote and in-class? 


All research indicates that some form of remote learning might continue off and on through the 2020 - 2021 school year or even beyond. Remote/in-class hybrid teaching is our new reality.

You’ll team up with Stanford-educated educators to support your teachers as they transition to this new remote/-in-class hybrid teaching model.

Our Program includes:

 FREE Access to Tailor-ED

8 week access to Tailor-ED - a differentiated lesson planner for both in-class and remote lessons.

Professional Development

Two PD sessions on Differentiation, Remote Learning and how to transition from theory to practice using various tools.

Remote Learning Resources

Remote learning resources, support and personal pedagogical consultations.

Training and Support

Technical support, office hours to support all your teams' tech and instructional needs

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