Create differentiated lesson plans 

with hundreds of resources, smart student groups and insights that go beyond just proficiency.

Maya Izraeli

My Brother has My dog

Maya Izraeli

My Brother has My dog

In minutes, I was able to get five different lesson plans personalized to each group in my class - it was like magic

Our Success Ingredients

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Whole Child

Social-emotional alongside proficiency

We tailor learning experiences to the social-emotional, cognitive  needs of students.


Personalization, not isolation

Collaborative group work is at the center of our recommended instructional models.


Learning is not one-size-fits-all

Students have the capacity to learn much more if the experience is well designed and tailored to their needs.

6th Grade

5th Grade

4th Grade

Stop Searching and Start Finding

Save Time

The right resources in minutes

No more wasting hours searching online for tomorrow's lesson. You can now get the right resources for your classroom in just two clicks.

Find Engaging Activities

What do you want to teach today?

From collaborative group work to tech-based activities. Get the most effective and engaging activities that fit your students' needs.

For Any Classroom

No tech? No Problem!

Your lessons tailored to your personal classroom needs. Just choose "No technology" to create a screen-free lesson.

  • Choose your ELA resources

Browse recommended resources in this topic area and choose the resources that best fit your needs.

  • Plan your lesson
    It’s time to differentiate! Tailor-ED will build your lesson using the resources you choose differentiated to your student groups.

  • Create student groups
    If your students answered the pre-assessment, Tailor-ED will automatically create student groups based on their specific needs. If not, you can individually assign your students their learner profiles to create student groups.

  • Assess student needs
    Each Tailor-ED lesson includes an exit ticket to use in your lesson. Share the exit ticket with your students at the end of the lesson to better understand their needs and guide your instruction