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Plan your

Equivalent Fractions


Lesson Objective:

Students will be able to define, recognize, and compare equivalent fractions using visual models.

Prior Knowledge

Understand the equal sign and the word equivalent.

View and explain pictorials in terms of parts.






Greater than

Less than

Identify the numerator and denominator.


Differentiate your instruction by grouping your students by their needs and choose the most effective activity for each group

Increase Confidence

Challenge Your Students 

Increase Motivation

Smoothie Fun

Smoothie Fun

In this activity students need to find equivalent fractions by matching the smoothie ingredient with a smoothie cup.

Pictures & Visuals

Mystery Picture

Mystery Picture

Students will decipher which fractions are equivalent and color the pattern according to the instructions.

Creating Visuals

Equivalent Fraction Task Cards

Equivalent Fraction Task Cards

Students must analyse the fractions and explain why one of the fractions is not equivalent.

Mathematical Reasoning

Equivalent Fractions Bingo

Equivalent Fractions Bingo

In this activity students must correctly identify the equivalent fractions in order to get bingo!

Math Games

Fractions Pizza

Fractions Pizza

Each group splits in half and follows instructions to draw and build their own pizza. Make sure each topping represents a different fraction of the pizza.

Creating Visuals

Equal Proportions

Equal Proportions

n this activity students must correctly identify either the numerator or denominator of the equivalent fractions in order to win the race.

Math Games



Make sure that students understand that numerator and denominator don't have an additive relationship.

Notice that students oftentimes assume that fractions are determined as big or small according to how 'big' the number is.

Have students work together to correct each other’s work

Create Your Own Differentiated Lesson

Differentiate your instruction in just minutes by grouping your students and finding the most effective activities based on their holistic needs.