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Position and Direction

Plan your

Intro to Coordinate Plane


Lesson Objective:

Students will be able to define a coordinate system, plot coordinate pairs, and work with the x-axis and y-axis.

Prior Knowledge

Students understand intersecting lines

Students have a basic knowledge of the coordinate system.



Coordinate Plane




Ordered Pairs

Students should be familiar with the x-axis and y-axis


Differentiate your instruction by grouping your students by their needs and choose the most effective activity for each group

Increase Confidence

Challenge Your Students 

Increase Motivation

Stock the Shelves

Stock the Shelves

In this online game, students need to plot the given coordinates on the plane in order to stock the shelves.


Identifying Shapes

Identifying Shapes

In this worksheet, students plot and join the points in order to create a shape.

Pictures and Visuals

Coordinate Plane Jeopardy

Coordinate Plane Jeopardy

In this activity, students play jeopardy to answer coordinate plane questions.

Student Choice

Battleship Activity

Battleship Activity

In this activity, students split into pairs to play the classic battleship game on a coordinate plane.


Coordinate Quiz Twins

Coordinate Quiz Twins

In this activity, students split into pairs and use their knowledge of the coordinate plane to create a list of clues for their partner.

Student Choice

Locate the Aliens

Locate the Aliens

In this online game, students must locate aliens on the coordinate plane

Math Games



Notice that students get stumped on the meaning of the coordinates of a point.

Watch out for students who reverse the x- and y-coordinates when labeling or graphing.

Have students work together to correct each other’s work

Create Your Own Differentiated Lesson

Differentiate your instruction in just minutes by grouping your students and finding the most effective activities based on their holistic needs.