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Plan your

Intro to Volume


Lesson Objective:

Students will practice measuring volume in cubes and rectangular prisms as well as utilize different units of measurement.

Prior Knowledge

Familiarity with counting cubic units.




Rectangular Prism

Cubic Units

Units of Measure

Understanding the formula for volume and how to measure a solid object.


Differentiate your instruction by grouping your students by their needs and choose the most effective activity for each group

Increase Confidence

Challenge Your Students 

Increase Motivation

Volume Intro Recap

Volume Intro Recap

In this activity, students watch a video in order to review the basic concepts of calculating volume.

Video Review

Volume Poster Pal

Volume Poster Pal

In this activity, students work in pairs to create a poster depicting how to calculate volume.

Creating Visuals

Volume Sort

Volume Sort

In this activity, students work in partners to find the volume of prisms.


Estimate Volume

Estimate Volume

In this worksheet, students estimate volume, work with different units of measure and solve word problems.

Structured Worksheet

Volume Tasks

Volume Tasks

In this activity, students work in pairs and use cubes to build rectangular prisms.


Volume Shape Game

Volume Shape Game

In this online game, students identify the number of cubic units needed to fill a solid unit.

Math Games



Notice that students tend to mix up the formula for volume with other measurement formulas.

Look out for students who confuse different units of measurement.

Have students work together to correct each other’s work

Create Your Own Differentiated Lesson

Differentiate your instruction in just minutes by grouping your students and finding the most effective activities based on their holistic needs.