About Us

We believe in making personalized learning more accessible and affordable for all

Tailor-ED was designed to empower teachers to reach each student - no matter whether you have a 1:1 device program or a single overhead projector.

More Personalised, More Collaborative

At Tailor-ED, we want to enable teachers to provide the most engaging and effective learning experiences for their unique classrooms. We do this by tailoring holistic learning experiences to the needs of the teacher, the classroom and each and every student. For us, creating engaging and effective learning experiences is about first seeing and supporting the whole learner. We believe that by leveraging learning science, we can build learning experiences that combine proficiency with collaboration, creativity and other SEL skills to meet the needs of the 21st-century student.

Our Core Values

Independent of Technology

Pedagogy is the driver

TailorED supports personalized learning independent of technological resources. 


Learning is not one-size-fits-all

Students have the capacity to learn much more if the experience is well designed and tailored to their needs.

Teacher First

Teachers in the driver’s seat

The essence of education is still about teachers creating effective learning experiences and relationships. 

Whole Child

Social-emotional aspects alongside proficiency

We tailor learning experiences to the social-emotional, cognitive  needs of students.

Grounded in Learning Science

Bridging learning science and practice

We leverage research to understand which factors and instructional strategies impact learning.


Personalization, not isolation

Collaborative group work is at the center of our recommended instructional models.

The Team

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