Tailor-ED Exit Tickets

Send exit tickets in 1-click

Choose from 1,000+ ready-to-use assessments 

Beautiful student progression dashboard


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Your complete hybrid teaching solution

The Tailor-ED self-guided course is designed to support and guide you as you navigate hybrid teaching. Combined with free access to the Tailor-ED lesson planning software, you're sure to start the 2020-2021 school year on the right foot.

Send exit tickets

in seconds

Choose from a library of over 1,000+ exit tickets. Customize them, and when you’re done, send your exit ticket in 1 click.

The easiest way to track student growth



Use our beautiful dashboard to find out exactly how your students are doing and easily track their progress over time - both in proficiency and emotionally.

Get the Tailor-ED formative assessment certificate!

Participate in our formative assessment webinar and earn the Tailor-ED formative assessment teacher’s certificate.

Evidence of Success

Tailor-ED was found to significantly increase student Maths gains in a randomised controlled efficacy study completed by New York University.

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