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Meet our Teacher Success Team

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Yuval Ben Moshe

Watermelon and rhymes enthusiast. I’m here to help, just give a yelp. Whatever you need to get ahead on Tailor-ED

Dot the Sloth

Assessment pro and accessory guru. I’m here to make your exit tickets fun and engaging for every student!

Danya Cohen

Former educator from down under.  Can’t wait to get to know you and your students!


Creating a Tailor-ED Exit Ticket is as easy as 1-2-3.
Check out these how-to videos to get started in under three clicks.

Step 1:
Create a Classroom

Quickly create your Tailor-ED classroom and add your students.
We're Google Classroom friendly :)

Step 2:
Create an Exit Ticket

Create your Tailor-ED exit ticket, customize it to your classroom needs and easily share it!

Step 3:
Exit Ticket Results

Results are in! Check out how to find your results and learn new insights about your students.


It's all about the science! Check out the learning science research behind Tailor-ED

Tailor-ED Design Research

Tailor-ED Logic Model

The Learners of Tailor-ED


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In the classroom with Tailor-ED

How to use Tailor-ED to reach and engage every student. Learn easy and effective formative assessment strategies and best practices for your classroom.


From Data to Action

Join us for an interactive webinar to learn how to easily understand your data, identify trends and how to take action to support your students.