Increase student outcomes and wellbeing

Leverage our assessment and instruction platform to finally get the actionable data you need to improve student learning and social-emotional outcomes.

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Evidence of Success


increase in class math gains compared to control

Tailor-ED was found to significantly increase student Math gains in a randomized controlled efficacy study done by NYU


increase in class motivation in just 8 weeks

Tailor-ED not only significantly reduced lesson planning time for our teachers but also engendered a growth mindset that differentiated instruction is possible in every classroom.

Track Student Progress

Getting an accurate picture of where students are by tracking and monitoring student growth to understand student well-being as well as reduce knowledge gaps

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Assess SEL Needs

Integrate social-emotional assessments to understand student motivation, confidence and other social-emotional aspects.

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Reduce learning gaps

Meet the needs of individual students through targeted resources and intervention lessons - made easy!

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Efficacy-Driven, Research-Backed

From its inception, Tailor-ED has been premised upon deep-seated learning science, continuously using research to fuel design thinking and decisions

Our commitment to embedding learning science research on how students learn and supporting learner variability within the Tailor-ED program

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