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Each school year is a unique journey for you and your students 
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Tailor-ED Exit Tickets

Ready-to-go and easy-to-use exit tickets to understand where your students are and how to lead them forward.


• Place Value

• Add and Subtract within 20

• Solving One-Step Equations

• Adding  Integers

and more!


• Figurative Language

• Nouns

• Spelling and Vocabulary

• Verb Tenses

and more!


• Student Confidence

• Motivation

• Social Aptitude

• Memory

and more!

Stop Searching and Start Finding: Tailor-ED Library

All your favorite resources - all in one place.

Browse Tailor-ED’s smart library to easily find resources, organized by student needs.

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Your Teacher Compass:
Tailor-ED Insights

Actionable insights that help you understand your students needs - in just one glance.

Let Tailor-ED guide your way to reaching every student.

Create An Exit Ticket

Navigate Your Students SEL Needs

Tailor-ED Exit Tickets include built-in questions that check for SEL factors like motivation, focus, and confidence (among other things)

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