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Getting Started

Want to learn how to use Tailor-ED? These 4 steps are for you.

1. Login and Create a User

The first step is gaining access to the platform. Click the button on the right to sign-up or login for FREE.

2. Create a Classroom
  • See overview of the main 'Workspace'

  • Create a new classroom and add students

  • Send out the pre-assessment to students

3. Create a Unit
  • Browse lesson activities

  • Utilise smart grouping

  • Share exit tickets

  • Print lesson plan or share digital student site

4. Student and Lesson Insights
  • Gain overall lesson insights

    • Class proficiency, confidence, and engagement​.

  • Individual student insights

    • Student trends in confidence, motivation, and proficiency​.

Learn More

For a more in-depth guide through the platform and the values behind Tailor-ED, watch our webinar.

Get in Touch

Have a question? Want to provide some feedback? Just want to have a chat and find out more?

We really love hearing from our teachers, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!