Funding Resources

The Tailor-ED platform utilizes formative assessment data to stabilize a student's learning mindset by measuring their academic performance and emotional learning outcomes.  The use of the data empowers teachers to build authentic relationships with students while fostering their wellbeing.

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Opportunities for Federal Funding

This is a summary of federal funding opportunities districts and schools can use to integrate
Tailor-ED in their curriculum and/or professional development programs.

Use of Funds 

➔ 18 permissible uses of funds, with requirement that districts spend at least 20% on addressing learning loss

➔ 15 permissible uses of funds, including  addressing learning loss, educational technology, and summer learning and supplemental programs

➔12 permissible uses of funds, including  educational technology and summer learning and supplemental programs.
All allocated based on  each state’s proportionate share of Title I, Part A

➔To improve education for disadvantaged  students 

➔ To strengthen educators’  knowledge

➔ To establish or expand 21st century  community learning centers

➔To enable students with autism and language disabilities to improve their interactions with others

➔ To improve high-need student achievement  and attainment