Differentiate your lessons in minutes

Understand your students on a whole new level and easily create differentiated lessons composed from top quality resources and exit tickets

Great news! Tailor-ED is now free for all teachers! You will now be able to create limitless lesson plans, exit tickets, gain access to our 5000+ resources and have all the premium content Tailor-ED offers- with no extra charge! Enjoy!

Free Lesson Plans and Exit Tickets!

Incorporate Social-
Emotional learning
into your lessons

Tailor-ED Exit Tickets include built-in questions that check for SEL factors like motivation, focus, and confidence (among other things)

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Keep your students super engaged and happy!

Constantly engage by creating small student groups and  differentiated lessons from curated resources in minutes! Each lesson plan can be printed and brought to class or shared digitally

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Stay on top of your students’ progress

Easily track  student progress to understad where each student stands within the curriculum. Identify students who need additional attention and use the Tailor-ED Lesson Planner to plan tailored interventions

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Y Combinator

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