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10 Top Tips for Effective Remote Learning

We gathered the most epic tips from our teachers’ community on how to make distant learning the best experience for you- and your students.

1. Keep eye contact with your students — During a lesson in class, we would never turn our back to our students. When sharing a screen during a lesson, continuously go back to the students seeing you and you seeing them.

2. Allow more time to the learning process–and to your assessment. Move the emphasis from pace to high-quality pedagogy.

3. Give constant feedback to your students — More than ever, students are isolated and don’t know if you even see their work. Acknowledge their efforts.

4. Create in-class social interactions that don’t include you —Students crave social interactions. Divide the class to teams and have them work together on a task. There are plenty of group activities for any Math topic on the Tailor-ED platform

5. Cut large assignments into small portions — Chunking large tasks into small assignments with daily due dates to help you keep track of the process.

6. Unmute your students at the end of your session to say goodbye to one another — It’s just an excellent way to interact and finish on a positive note rather than slinking away.

7. Create short daily video shout outs to students who are doing work! — Parents say students look forward to every single video.

8. Check the social-emotional state of your students — Constant pulse check with your students is a must. Tailor-ED makes it easy, as it allows you to evaluate the socio-emotional needs of your students along with their proficiency level, using Tailor-ED Exit Ticket.

9. Shut down the computer at a reasonable hour and rest — Work is important, but your well-being is just as important.

10. Gather with your school Math team to tackle remote learning together — The most effective way to implement change is to group and learn from one another, share difficulties and success stories.

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