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Three Proactive Ways to Manage Your Classroom With Tailor-ED

No matter how amazing your lessons are, classroom management issues can get in the way of effective learning experiences. But searching for classroom management ideas online can be overwhelming. Busy teachers can’t afford to waste hours weeding through page after page of search results, many of which are neither relevant nor reliable. Fortunately, classroom management doesn’t have to involve hours of extra reading and planning. Tailor-ED users already have access to a wealth of tools and resources that can be used to support positive behavior in the classroom.

An important part of classroom management is anticipating students’ needs and planning accordingly. When students are engaged with a lesson, they are less likely to be disruptive or off-track. Here are three ways to use Tailor-ED to manage your classroom proactively rather than reactively.

1. Entry Tickets

Have you ever felt like your class was particularly unruly one day, only to realize that the majority of students were unprepared for (or intimidated by) the lesson content? If so, then you understand the impact of student readiness on their behavior. Tailor-ED entry tickets allow you to gauge students’ readiness for a lesson before you get started. This way, if you need to set up some instructional scaffolding, you can do so immediately and manage classroom behavior before it becomes a problem.

2. Resource Library

Keeping the learning process engaging is always a priority, but have you considered how much of an influence engagement can have on classroom management? When students are active participants in a lesson, they are less likely to lose focus, start side conversations, or interrupt instruction. Tailor-ED’s Resource Library offers countless worksheets, videos, activities, and interactive games to keep your students engaged, interested, and focused on your lesson.

3. SEL Check-Ins

What if you’re gauging students’ readiness to learn using entry tickets, and you’re keeping your lessons interesting with materials from the Resource Library, but you’re still struggling with classroom management? Then it’s SEL time. Students’ social-emotional states can have a great impact on their behavior at school. Tailor-ED’s SEL Check-Ins allow you to assess how students are feeling in general, so that you can best support them. Sometimes devoting just a few minutes to a discussion on empathy or self-regulation can set the right tone for learning.

There are many ways for teachers to influence student behavior and classroom dynamics. You’re already doing it when you show up every day as an authentically awesome role model! But with Tailor-ED, you can take your classroom management skills to the next level. Entry tickets, interactive resources, and SEL check-ins are concrete ways to be proactive about managing your classroom.