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7 Useful Tips for Teachers Working From Home

During the past few weeks, we’ve all made the unexpected transition to working from home due to COVID-19. To make the most out of it, we gathered some of the best tips for teaching and working remotely to help make it into a great experience.

1. Be mindful of your work/life balance

Teaching from home can feel like you’re on 24/7, especially when you find yourself answering students questions at all times of the day (and night!). Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you have to constantly be in work mode. Make sure you create a healthy work schedule to allow you some much needed YOU time. At the end of the day, shut down your computer and rewind from the day.

2. Create a designated teaching/work space

Decide on a lighted, quiet place to work. Make your workstation comfortable; prepare your headphones, water/coffee and educational materials. Make sure to have your online tools available to support lesson prep (i.e. Google Classroom, Tailor-ED,) and synchronous lessons (i.e. Zoom, Microsoft Teams). Avoid working from the kitchen, as it’s usually a frequently visited place for the family, and may cause unwanted distractions.

3. Record lessons in advance to save time

Create recorded lessons on topics you wish to teach and share them with your students to watch at home on their own time. This both saves you time and enables your students to go at their own pace. Here are some great tools to record yourself: ScreenCastify, Screencastomatic, and Loom. Once finished, you can then easily upload your videos to Tailor-ED as part of your remote lesson.

4. Connect to a teacher’s community

Share your experience with fellow teachers. We are all going through the same thing; why not learn from one another? Touch base and share tips and support during this interesting time with those who will understand you the most. Our teacher’s community is a great place to start.

5. Build a flexible, structured schedule for you (and your kids)

It’s always good to set a schedule to keep a sense of routine, but be willing to be flexible as necessary. If you’re a parent, it can be helpful to use timers for yourself and your kids to keep everyone on track. Another great teacher parent tip — have “office hours” for your own kids, like you would for students — that’s when they can ask for help with their own schoolwork or just come say hi.

6. Exercise & Stretch Regularly

Make sure you get off the chair at least once an hour, stretch and walk around. If you can, squeeze exercise into your daily routine. YouTube is a great resource of free exercise videos. Here’s a great dance workout, Yoga and a family friendly cardio session. Your body will thank you. Your soul too.

7. Keep calm, this too shall pass

This is an unusual time for all of us, but hey, we’re all in this together. Don’t stress over the unknown and give yourself time to adapt to teaching remotely. Challenge yourself by finding creative ways to teach from home and making the best out of it. It will make a great story one day.

To hear more feel free to get in touch or follow us on Medium where we will be drawing up a remote learning action plan using Tailor-ED to master engaging your students from afar.

Tailor-ED helps teachers create remote lesson plans that are tailored to the needs of students.